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  1. Courtesan – Coconut macaroon, Espresso, Confectioner’s sugar, Crem Brûlée, Vanilla
    Wet: A whole load of coconut, coconut cream and sweet desiccated coconut, thick condensed milk, piles of custard and cream with a kick of banana.

    Dried down: This absolutely bursts to life with an intensely rich coconut, wrapped in pandan leaves and peeled green stems, and balanced with a rich full bodied heliotrope. The coconut is rich and creamy, drizzled with sticky condensed milk dotted with vanilla bean seeds, and brings to mind Cocco alla Vaniglia (Kyse Perfumes)’s young coconut notes. The coconut bounces on the top of the scent as sweetened top notes, draped on a much full heart of green, streaks with the scent of green bananas, and savoury plantain. For a gourmand, this scent leans towards a heavier, and more of an opaque richness.
    I must confess – I’m definitely left puzzled as to where the strong green note came from. SSE’s espresso/mocha note (Enchant) is wonderfully bitter and intensely nutty and dark, so I would suspect that perhaps either the coconut or the sugar lend this scent its unexpected green and floral elements. For me, I found this scent hard to wear because of its heaviness. The scent is dense and somewhat hard to digest, and its rich greenness dominates all aspects of this scent. I would prefer a lighter touch with application, but personally I don’t think this is for me.

    Perfect for: A beach party, where even the heavy scent of lit torches isn’t going to dampen this scent’s attention demanding profile. Those who found Cocco Alla Vaniglia too light and airy, will enjoy the darker, denser take on the typical coconut.

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