6 thoughts on “‘Half hoping to be eaten by a bear.’”

  1. I am quite disappointed with this scent. I’m not sure if I received a dud, but I truly cannot smell it at all, and neither can my husband. I let it sit for a few months, and have come back to it, and still cannot discern any real scent to it.

  2. This is definitely in my top 3 all time favorite perfumes, my only complaint is that it isn’t very strong and fades within an hour on me. The skin musk is warm and subtle and the wood notes intermingle beautifully. Definitely a must try.

  3. Love this. Absolutely love this. This is an essential for me. It’s a great base/layering note so give some oomph to other smells, but I wear it on its own about every day. There is a light, slightly spicy cedar note that gives me dead leaves with no rottenness/mulchiness whatsoever. The sweet skin musk is mild and slightly papery. It’s not sweet-sweet, per se, but there is a mild sweetness to it. It reminds me of Glossier You without the cloying flowers in it, and it reminds me quite a lot of Dedcool’s Milk without the citrusy/laundry vibe (although stronger, as I can generally only ever smell Milk on my clothes and not my skin). I’d say it’s very unisex, leaning neither masculine nor feminine, for sure a your skin but better/woodsier smell. I just adore this. It definitely has a clean but worn-in smell, and I’d say it represents the scent story pretty well. Kind of reminds me of when you throw on a clean t-shirt to run a quick errand but you take it off when you get home and there’s just cleanness with a little leftover cologne on it. It for sure has an autumn vibe to it, because it makes you think of dry leaves, but also it’s so fresh and clean and pleasant and inoffensive enough to wear even in hot weather. It’s been hovering around 100 degrees where I live since I got it and I’ve worn and loved it every day. It didn’t need to rest at all for me. It’s smelled the same since it arrived. If you love a simple scent, this is for you. If you don’t love a simple scent, get this anyway and layer it with everything. I have it as a regular-strength oil but already know I’m upgrading to an EDP so I can drown myself in it.

  4. Woody with wet leaves and musk.
    Solid woody (+wet leaves -) base and the musk gives a softness to it, that makes it very easy to wear. The musk is like a fog in the woods enveloping the trees. Very good atmospheric and also a good one for those who don’t normally like atmospherics.

  5. While wet this is wearing pretty close to my skin. Smells like a good skin type musk though so far, so I am not mad at it. It is sweet and soft, but there is this spicy punch to it. As it dries down it gets softer and sweeter. Life a soft blanket rubbed in dry leaves from the floor of the woods after the rain.

  6. This is truly beautiful and just straight up smells like my skin and hair after spending all day in the forest. If you’ve never tried a “woody” scent before, this perfume is really the perfect place to start because it is subtle and not overpowering.

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