5 thoughts on “‘The soft crunch of bread and bone’”

  1. This is a nice bakery atmospheric – at first I smell coconut, butter, and sweet bread. Then there comes a heavier note of vanilla, then a bit of crisp green tea. The tea adds a slightly floral note (like most teas do for me). It smells like sitting in a buttery, sweet, coconut-y bakery + cafe. I really like this.

  2. Something in this goes to a dill / pickle smell on me. I’m not sure what it is. Crunchy Baguette does he same thing. If I want a bread scent, nothing beats Death and Floral’s Mall Soft Pretzel. It is 100% bread and I love it!

  3. I could wear this scent every day and not get tired of it! On me, the macarons and coconut stand out the most. It’s less of a “bread” scent than D&F’s Crunchy Baguette, and more of a general bakery scent. It evokes a scent memory of eating in my favorite café!

  4. This is not a good bread note, I’m sorry to say but it smells like an infection that feeds off the same thing as bread does…

  5. Scent description is pretty accurate. Nice gourmand without being too cloying. Smells like COCONUT Ain the bottle, but on the skin it mostly smells like sweet bread with a whisp of coconut.

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