Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Jasmine essential oil, Rose absolute, rich ambers, a drop of spice, frankincense and myrrh and Egyptian Sandalwood combine to create a beautiful and warm blend with just the barest trace of feral wildness.

Released: Deities

2 thoughts on “Bast”

  1. Love this scent and managed to nab the very last 5ml she had before discontinuing. It’s a beautiful non soapy rich jasmine and rose, (the two notes blend perfectly together so that it doesn’t smell generically like rose nor jasmine), on a bed of sweet powdery amber with just a hint of spice. Wish it hadn’t been axed!

  2. A full, sultry amber scent. The jasmine and rose add sweetness and depth. I found it to be layered and long lasting, with decent throw. I’m definitely looking to find a full bottle, though it’s been sadly discontinued. The spice is a nice touch, making it smell mysterious and possibly ancient. Would wear all the time if my workplace allowed notable scents.

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