Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description: Clean skin musk and mahogany, dry amber accord and heart and top notes of sambac jasmine and jasmine officianale.

Released: House


1 thought on “Jacqueline”

  1. Despite the other notes, Jacqueline is pretty much a pure jasmine bomb on me, and I adore it. It’s not QUITE as hyper-realistic as I would have hoped, I think it may lean slightly drier due to the amber or musk, but it’s still a beautifully grounded jasmine scent that will probably be very appealing to lovers of white florals. It does have the potential to morph soapy, possibly due to the musk, but that has only happened on one or two occasions. All in all, it’s a sophisticated, more ‘mature’ jasmine scent that I really enjoy on days that I want to feel especially put together. As with most DE perfumes on my skin, throw (within my personal space) is excellent, and longevity is at least six hours.

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