Wicked Stepmother

Brand: Deconstructing Eden

Scent Description:  Rich and warm ambergris, soft and alluring skin, dark ambers, the whisper of leather, black roses, a kiss of patchouli, and a drop of spice.

Released: Fairy Tales

3 thoughts on “Wicked Stepmother”

  1. This reminds me of Possession, but lighter and a little more floral as opposed to sickeningly sweet. It’s pretty.

  2. On application you get very sharp leather, but that sharpness mellows out quickly. The description of “soft and alluring skin” fits perfectly. After the sharpness dies down, this perfume smells like a person who smells really good. And that good smelling person might be wearing a very light cinnamon scent. This person is probably very sexy. To me this isn’t a “you smell like xyz” scent but a “you smell good” scent. On me, it’s like the “no makeup makeup” or the “my lips but better” lipstick of the scent world.

  3. One of my top 5 perfumes – though purchase with caution, as many find the sharp leather in this to smell too sterile. To me, Wicked Stepmother is a perfect showcase for ambergris – it smells of SOMETHING good, but you’re not quite sure what. Opening notes are a sharp kick of leather with a tiny bit of spice, which calms down and blossoms on the skin into glorious grey musks and ambers. The spice is just-detectable and makes things a little interesting, but mostly this is a warm mix of ambergris and musk that envelops you. I don’t detect any rose. Wicked Stepmother feels like a sophisticated, modern scent reminiscent of clean skin.

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