Captured in Amber

Brand: En Voyage Perfumes

Scent Description:

Captured in Amber, was inspired by the opiated Oriental fantasies that gripped turn-of-the-century Paris and London.

We’ve showcased the sweet, slightly animalic scents of ambergris and labdanum, combined them with vanilla, tonka bean, flowers, spices and woods, and combined them with exotic resins of Persia, Egypt and India to evoke the Victorian era fetish for the Orient.

And chocolate, perversely rich and dark. Chocolate and amber are both associated with poetry and rapture. We’re told that they’re excellent for healing the heart on a spiritual level.

Excellent diffusion and longevity

Excellent for layering with other perfumes

Classic Persian Amber Accord
Dark South American Chocolate Accord
New Zealand Beach-washed Ambergris
A Touch of Bitter Orange

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