Brand: Fantôme

Scent Description: Vanilla, citrusy, creamy, floral. Earl Grey tea, cashmere, dark vanilla bean, smooth cedar, dried rose petals, mandarin zest, pink peppercorn, and a burst of fresh bergamot.

5 thoughts on “Kensington”

  1. I really like this, it’s really creamy vanilla yet bright and zesty citrus mixed in, just a very happy & pretty scent. Not floral to me. I have the EDP sample and it just doesn’t last on me any time I try it once it dries down it’s gone.

  2. On me, this is very ‘dry rose petal’ forward with smooth vanilla woods taking a back seat. The mandarin-bergamot-peppercorn was evident earlier on but has started to phase out and the tea is coming into play a bit more now. It’s vintage-y but not dated, fairly traditional notes but also not staid or stuffy. On Downton Abbey there is a recurring character, a cousin named Lady Rose, who is younger and a bit of a wild child, but definitely of-society. This is something she’d wear to tea with the family’s elder matriarch, the Dowager Countess, in an earlier episode of her arc (before Rose’s wild ways get her inevitably into trouble). It’s got formal overtones, but there is still something a bit young and optimistic and unrestrained in here. This is a scent that wears its heart on its sleeve and just wants to have a good time and has an innocent enough faith in the world to think that bad things will never befall. Mildly powdery but also a bit creamy to balance that out nicely.

  3. Wet, the citrus was sharp with floral, almost soapy undertones. The dry down is a softer floral with the tea note coming out and supported by an orange-y citrus. A feminine scent!

  4. The mandarin and bergamot are initially pretty noticeable, and read rather more freshly-juiced other citrus notes I’ve encountered, before blending into the sweet vanilla to create the impression of warm, frothy earl grey (heavier on the milk than tea). The cedar and dried rose accords are surprisingly prominent when it dries down, almost in the manner of SS Conjure or Manor. Very smooth and lovely, and becomes rather fuzzy after some wear; this one’s easier to dissect than most Fantome scents, but just as well-blended.

  5. This is such a classy perfume. It smells expensive, if that makes sense. The blend is very smooth. It starts off much more citrusy with a bit of floral and after an hour relaxes into Earl Grey, vanilla, and cedar.

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