Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: sugared vanilla bean, lemon zest, almond extract, yellow cake – smells like cake

3 thoughts on “Cake”

  1. To me 🥮Cake smells like Frangipane…with lemon in place of the pistachio. Certain lemon notes go to Pledge on my skin and Cake is trying to do this. Thankfully the almond note is beating the lemon into submission on me. The sugary sweetness is cancelling out that cleaner smell. I can relate to Hypno Bunny’s comment about the lemon sandwich cookies at this point. Wow, it’s spot on lemon cookie. I wish Cake stayed exactly like this throughout it’s wear time on me, yum. The almond note in Cake actually smells like almond and not that god awful artificial cherry stench. If you’ve ever smelled Jergens lotion then you know the smell that I’m talking about. This perfume oil lasts about 2 hours on me (and I slathered my entire sample vial on one application) with the lemon note fading first, followed by the almond. After an hour or so I’m left with an almond tinged vanilla scent that wears close to the skin. Things were a bit rocky getting started but then it was good while it lasted.
    FYI: I think I’m having a bit of an issue on my inner arms from applying this oil and then going into the sun. I’ve read citrus oils can cause photosensitivity/sunburns on the skin. Hopefully others can learn from my mistake so they don’t suffer the same fate. I had on SPF 50+ PA++++!!! Yeah, from now on ANY perfume oil with citrus is getting applied to skin that’s going to be covered by clothing.

  2. Smells exactly like a lemon cake! The lemon is not subtle. It was delicious but unfortunately only lasted about 2 hours before fading a lot.

  3. This is a sugar rush in a perfume. And it’s amazing! This smells like those little lemon sandwich cookies (the vanilla kind with over sugary lemon frosting stuff squished in the middle) mixed with vanilla cake…on steroids.The lemon is a sugary sweet lemon. Not pledgey at all. No bathroom cleaner lemon here. And it is not overpowering. The vanilla is rounded out by the almond, which normally I don’t like almond, but here it just fades to create a perfect vanilla cake, straight out of the oven smell. It’s the main star in this perfume. I mean she nailed it. This smells exactly like cake.

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