Cedar & Mint

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description:┬ácedar wood, fresh mint, damp earth – clean, woodsy, fresh

2 thoughts on “Cedar & Mint”

  1. This one’s a nah for me. The mint isn’t the cold herbal kind I usually like, but more an aftershavey chewing gum mint that comes across very masculine. The cedar is like a carpenter shop or tourist cabin hotel kind of wood, and very dominant. The dirt is buried in the dry down and the main redeeming quality for me. A man with a beard and a flannel shirt should be wearing this.

  2. Very much a cedar heavy scent. The perfume starts out mint heavy but that fades in about an hour sometimes less. I don’t get any scent of earth. The cedar is so clean without being like a floor cleaner I like to use it when I know I’ll be sweating. I like to mix it with my deodorant since it is so clean smelling.

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