Cocoa Pumpkin

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description:  bitter cocoa, spiced pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, firewood – spicy-sweet with a graham-crackery finish

1 thought on “Cocoa Pumpkin”

  1. Cocoa Pumpkin perfume oil gives me s’mores vibes from the bitter cocoa and the graham-crackery finish. All it needs is a marshmallow note and it would be a dead ringer for s’mores. The spiced pumpkin gives me vibes of a pumpkin spiced latte minus the coffee note. On my skin this is predominantly the bitter cocoa followed by the spiced pumpkin with all of the other notes meshing together in the background. I have a lot of perfume oils that are similar enough that I can’t warrant buying a FS bottle right now. That being said, I like Cocoa Pumpkin a lot. It’s gone at the 3+ hour mark, even if I slather myself. That would be my only negative for this oil…longevity. So the final verdict is this dries down on my skin to smell like a cross between s’mores (minus the marshmallow) and a pumpkin spiced latte (minus the coffee). The rest of the notes are blended so well that I find it rather difficult to pick them out individually. If only Cocoa Pumpkin lasted longer!

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