Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: wintry peppermint, vanilla, evergreens – cold, woodsy, sweet

3 thoughts on “Snowdrift”

  1. Immediately on my skin Snowdrift is a soft sweet peppermint vanilla. After a few minutes the evergreens are making an appearance. Hmm that’s weird, I didn’t smell evergreen taking a sniff out of the vial. It’s almost as if the oil needed to mesh with my skin before the evergreen popped up. After about the first 10 minutes, I can’t smell the vanilla anymore. This is now a peppermint evergreen in the best way. Both notes can be overwhelming but somehow they compliment each other in Snowdrift. The peppermint isn’t too medicinal or bracing or candied. The evergreen is just right, it doesn’t smack you in the face. Since that vanilla note dropped off Snowdrift is coming across much more masculine on my skin. Don’t let that scare you off, this doesn’t smell of generic aftershave or anything along those lines. I’d call it earthy…even though there are no dirt or soil notes to be found. Oh this is wild, it’s been around 20 minutes now and the vanilla is back. I have to put my nose right up to my scented skin but it’s there. I can see this layering well with so many things. I wonder how this would be with Possets Romping Skyclad or Solstice Scents White Fox? I’d consider all three unisex scents that lean masculine on me. I’d say that at about half an hour from application is when I hit my perfume zen. It’s that perfect mix of evergreen, vanilla and peppermint. I can see layering this with so many of Brooke’s other creations like Black Tea & Mint, Vanilla Cedar, Pinecone, Cardamom and Burnt Sugar…and the list goes on. I swear, even though it’s not listed, I can smell cardamom. Snowdrift drifts away from my skin until it’s gone at 3 hours, if not less.

  2. Firebird’s Snowdrift is a nice minty Christmas smell. It’s B&BW Twisted Peppermint with a little bit of evergreen thrown in. I agree with the previous poster. You can definitely smell all the notes. They are pretty evenly balanced.

  3. it’s not often that i can smell all the notes in a perfume – some are overpowered by others, some are eaten up by my skin, and sometimes i just can’t discern scents – but snowdrift is a lovely, simple fragrance where i feel like the notes are well balanced. at first, it’s mostly mint and vanilla at the forefront with a bit of fir in the background; as it dries down and wears, it mostly becomes a warm, musky vanilla with a tinge of mintiness to cool it off.

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