Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: wintry peppermint, vanilla, evergreens – cold, woodsy, sweet

2 thoughts on “Snowdrift”

  1. Firebird’s Snowdrift is a nice minty Christmas smell. It’s B&BW Twisted Peppermint with a little bit of evergreen thrown in. I agree with the previous poster. You can definitely smell all the notes. They are pretty evenly balanced.

  2. it’s not often that i can smell all the notes in a perfume – some are overpowered by others, some are eaten up by my skin, and sometimes i just can’t discern scents – but snowdrift is a lovely, simple fragrance where i feel like the notes are well balanced. at first, it’s mostly mint and vanilla at the forefront with a bit of fir in the background; as it dries down and wears, it mostly becomes a warm, musky vanilla with a tinge of mintiness to cool it off.

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