Woodsmoke & Vanilla

Brand: Firebird

Scent Description: frankincense and myrrh, fir needle, balsam, cedar, vanilla – firewood, incense, cold winter nights

6 thoughts on “Woodsmoke & Vanilla”

  1. This is nice but I already own quite a few perfume oils that utilize the same notes so I just can’t justify purchasing a FS. Of course I’ve said this before (looking at you Cardamom and Burnt Sugar) only to turn around and grab a FS so who knows. I wish it was stronger and had better longevity. This fades pretty quickly for a “smoke” scent but on average Firebird’s perfume oils last around 3 hours on my skin. I’m happy that the Frankincense note in W&V didn’t come across as astringent on me. The final verdict…maybe I’ll purchase a FS in the future but for now I’m good.

  2. I know this is a lot of people’s favorite. But honestly, This one for me, is just ok. But not amazing. I was hoping this would be a sweet smelling smokey vanilla. But, it’s not. I get pine, mostly. Which is ok. It’s not horribly offensive pine in any way. Still it’s not as sweet as I like my pine scents to be. Then you get the little hint of smokiness. The notes claim vanilla, heck it’s even part of the title, but I’m not really getting much vanilla. The title should be Woodsmoke & Pine in my opinion. Not vanilla.

  3. This is the first scent that convinced me to give vanillas a shot – I got this early on in my indie experience when I was staunchly non-vanilla and it changed my mind. This is the perfect balance of a really inoffensive and soft woodsmoke from fir and cedar, with the scent of evergreen needles, soothing warm frankincense and myrrh, and the perfect touch of sweetness from dusty (but not powdery) vanilla and honey. This scent is straightforward, well-balanced, and really lovely and comforting.

  4. There are days when I find this perfume perfectly smoky, and days when the vanilla reminds me of that little car freshner in a shape of a yellow tree. I would still recommend it to anyone, it’s comforting and lovely.

  5. Smokey woods, the dry down brings out more vanilla. It’s like sitting by a campfire in a piney woods drinking warm vanilla flavored…something. It’s soft and serene and cozy, nice bedtime scent. Will never be without this one!

    1. Smoky woods is spot on – it’s not like literal smoke it has depth from the cedar/ fir needles/ and balsam. Pretty unisex. Very nice take on vanilla. Was hoping for more burn factor. This can easily grow on anyone, as I keep sniffing myself trying to place the smells.. even through it is pretty straight forward.

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