Bering Sea

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: Rough icy ocean, stormy skies, briny water washing across the weathered teak wood deck.

1 thought on “Bering Sea”

  1. Salty menthol – it really opens up the schnoz! It doesn’t really smell like menthol, but it has the same effect. There’s a nice base of the teak wood and a good level of saltiness. The menthol effect is front and center though – I know rationally this is a saltwater scent, but it doesn’t have that vibe to me. More like a fresh clean man scent with a backdrop of lovely teak. If the idea of the ocean were turned into an elegant and refined lozenge. Once it settles in a bit, it becomes a salty teakwood, giving me more of an aftershave vibe than a strictly atmospheric ocean, but I dig it. This is a nice masculine-leaning scent.

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