Gardens Of Herculaneum

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: Blooming herbs in the gardens, an early summer breeze carrying the scent of juniper and spruce, a touch of soil, all softened by a hint of roses. An all-natural perfume.

Released: Ancient Rome Collection

1 thought on “Gardens Of Herculaneum”

  1. most wild perfume experience I have ever had. wet it induced that body cringe you get when you taste cheap alcohol and conjured a memory of… bile. it dried down into bitter dirt, stayed that way for a while, got slightly better but still a never-wear-again, and then hours later became a POWERFUL celery. not fresh celery, but a dead ringer for savory spice cabinet celery. fyrinnae lists the “blooming herbs” as basil and helichrysum and says it’s basil-heavy, but I grow basil and… just didn’t ever feel like basil to me.
    of the five scents I’ve tried from the ancient rome collection, none of them worked for me, so if you’ve liked others from the collection, you might like this one more than I do. I’ll be passing my sample along.

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