Salacia’s Silken Stolla

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: (Salacia was a sea goddess and the wife of Neptune, who had sent a dolphin to coerce her to follow and marry him)Thyme honey, a rich herbal and sweet-wood aroma reminiscent of honey made from the thyme flowers bees love (which is still produced in Sicily and Greece). An all-natural perfume.(Please note: As we only use vegan ingredients, this is not made from any real honey derivative, but our own natural “honey” blend which we think has the fragrant properties similar to honey. It will not smell like honey fragrance oils or honey/beeswax absolutes)

Released: Ancient Rome Collection

1 thought on “Salacia’s Silken Stolla”

  1. Very warm and thick and a little cloying at first– their bit about warm honey is spot on. This is like if you’ve ever had some honey that’s been sitting out in the sun for some reason, but with an herbal tisane beside it. Once it starts to chill out and settle into the skin it becomes really just cozy and resinous in a way that reminds me of being among trees that are leaking their sap a bit, but still with soft herbal notes. Not sharp or super green at all (I amp the hell out of sweet notes though).

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