Lucky Black Cat

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: A sensual blend of soft, sweet amber intertwined with papyrus, black pepper, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Released: Autumn/Halloween 2017

2 thoughts on “Lucky Black Cat”

  1. Maybe it’s batch variation but the sample of this I received was very heavy on the pepper, with no sign of anything sweet. I kept trying to smell anything other than pepper, but it just made me want to sneeze! There was a trace of the papyrus and sandalwood, but they were buried deep. Not a lucky cat for me. Naturally, this is one of the stronger Fyrinnae blends I’ve tried, with a good throw and decent longevity.

  2. I can’t decide if I like this. I kinda do. The amber is very soft and lightly powdery, with something I assume is papyrus giving a very clean feeling with the same softness. It almost reminds me of a very subtle baby shampoo. After a few hours, more of the pepper and sandalwood emerge, making it much more interesting but still not too bold. This is the second Fyrinnae scent I’ve tried, and both seem like they would be great for someone who wants something that is slightly understated.

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