Feral Kitten

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: Plumeria’s tropical sweetness tops a blend of woods including cedar and sandalwood with a slightly musky base. (While of course not a breed, millions of wild-born domestic cats are welcomed in to become family)

Released: Oh For Cats’ Sake!

1 thought on “Feral Kitten”

  1. In the bottle and for the first minute wet on my skin it seems very faint, so I slathered. I should have been more patient, because this fragrance is a grower. It’s sort of a sweet, powdery floral. This one to me does smell perfume-y, but could also pass for a hygiene product scent.

    I know amber isn’t listed in the notes, but something in there comes across with that warm, golden aspect I associate with amber. The cedar is definitely in there, but it hides behind the plumeria, on me. Maybe I amp plumeria.

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