Maine Coon

Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: Sweet, syrupy benzoin, a blend of two vanillas, sandalwood, a bit of amber, and a touch of cardamom make a warm and welcoming fragrance.

3 thoughts on “Maine Coon”

  1. This is similar to Kitten Tummies, but less sweet and probably easier to wear. The sandalwood and cardamom went a bit playdoh on me though.

  2. I’m noticing that Fyrinnae’s scents tend to wear close to the skin, much like this one. I detected something sweet, very slight creaminess, some warm spice, and a woody note (which would have to be the vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, and cardamom). I feel like you get different portions every time you sniff. It’s balanced and nice, which would be easy to wear on an everyday basis.

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