Brand: Fyrinnae

Scent Description: Four rich tree resins intertwined with just a hint of blackened vanilla, and the subtle sweetness of a dark flower, just enough to draw you in. As if you needed the push.


2 thoughts on “Prey”

  1. It’s like they bottled that moment where someone hot passes behind you just a little too close, and you feel that tug of magnetism.

    It’s slightly sweet in a sort of florally resinous way. It doesn’t smell vanillic to me, which I’m happy about since I strongly dislike vanilla usually. There’s a dark depth to this that I love. This sticks around for several hours with slight throw, and another hour or two as a skin scent.

  2. Very resinous scent. It’s warm and dark, almost a bit sharp?, but very well blended. It tends to get a bit powdery on me after ~6 hours, like an Egyptian Musk, but it’s not overpowering. Good longevity.

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