Cozy Sweater

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Pale skin musk, faded perfume, Egyptian amber, softly burning nag champa incense and a fine aged vanilla.

16 thoughts on “Cozy Sweater”

  1. Do any reviewers have anything to say on my question. Can being on your period change your skin chemistry? First time I tried this I was on my period and was not really digging Cozy Sweater. It turned super powdery on me. The second time I tried this scent I was no longer going through the curse and it’s like a different smell! The reviews seems to be split on this one. Everyone’s skin chemistry varries but i’m wondering if others have had a similar experience. Well all I can say is I like this when i’m not on my period. There’s a slight powder note in the background but the nag champa becomes prominent along with the musk. I can smell vanilla in the background but it’s not super sweet and it pulls it all together. So my final verdict on this would depend on the time of the month. Kind of crazy but true. Never had a scent change so dramatically on me!

  2. I really like this one for bed oddly enough. Nag champa relaxes me. I do however get some sweetness to it and it ends up smelling like a freshly washed sweater you rubbed nag champa on. Pretty cozy indeed.

  3. I mostly smell the nag champa in this. The wear down on the skin does get a little sweeter for me, but not much. I do enjoy it but I don’t really get the hype of this one.

  4. I got it as a sample months ago because I was quite unsure about nag champa (I am not the biggest fan of incense) but friends told me that it is SO good.

    It was a bit overwhelming when I got it and it had just like … three or four hours resting time? I forgot about my HoG samples afterwards for a few days before I picked it up again and BOOM it was good. It is nag champa, yes, but it is a sugary one? I do connect incense normally with being in a church during Christmas time which is just overwhelming and an assault to my nose. But Cozy Sweater is really lovely; it is warm and snuggly.

  5. Got this in pumpkin butter: I heard so much about this, some loved it, some hated, but I couldn’t help but be seduced by the idea of a cozy warm sweater fresh out of the dryer. I was prepared for the worst, some kind of crusty dryer sheets blasted with a hippie’s oven mitt, but I’m very happy with it! It’s nothing revolutionary, but I think it’s really quite nice and surpassed my expectations. I can see where people are coming from with the dryer sheets, but it’s very nicely blended into the other notes, and it’s only peripherally dryer sheets (in the best way). It’s got that warm clean fluffy towel energy. The vanilla is there keeping it a little sweet, but I think it’s very nicely blended into the incense. I think this is a much classier and ‘expensive’ smelling scent than what I would find in a B&BW (no hate, love me some Semi-Annual sale shenanigans, but it doesn’t have that almost plasticky sweet sugar accord in so many fragrances at ye olde bbw), and I mean the formula of the Pumpkin Butter is so much better!! Love it.

  6. I really dislike incense, especially nag champa, but I still ordered a sample of this based on the fact that the incense was “softly burning” (which to me meant in the background). Nope, this is 90% nag champa and 10% cozy laundry/dryer sheets. I really love that 10% and wish that nag champa wasn’t a note so I could actually smell like a cozy sweater but unfortunately, I just smell like a head shop.

  7. Wasn’t a fan of this one. But I really wanted to be! It was just a really baby powder type scent. I did get some of the vanilla and incense, but sadly not enough to cover good ol Johnson and Johnson. Big disappointment, although I’m glad it worked out for others!

  8. Ya love it, ya hate it-gosh, I’d heard so much about the famed Cozy Sweater!
    Soooo…I just had to pop a sample in there with the delectable Blood Orange Marshmallow pumpkin butter. I put it on, on a very gloomy, very rainy morning. Perfect day for a Cozy Sweater. First thought? Dryer sheets! BUT as the day wore on I was suddenly snapped back to college in the mid 90s-hippy oils (I probably went to one of the most hippy, liberal institutions in the U.S. with a population of 400-100-in the summer-nag champa was just everywhere!) and the scent of the dryers working in North Hall, blowing heated, fragrant air into the world via 90s dryer sheets before the days of “fancy” sheets with names like Tempting Tropical Sunrise. Oh and vanilla candles burning in the dorms. I became verklempt. Very comforting and yes, cozy. Dulls down to a clean, faded perfume scent, which they were obviously going for! I guess I love it!

  9. I’m not a fan of incense/nag champa, and that’s pretty much all this smells like to me. There is a tiny bit of sweetness with the vanilla, but the nag champa really shines through with the “faded perfume” aspect that feels very lived-in.

  10. On my skin, this scent reads as mostly nag champa and vanilla (leaning more toward vanilla extract territory), with the other notes adding the clean sweater/almost dryer sheet element in the background. High throw and longevity.

  11. This scent is sweet and powdery, which unfortunately doesn’t work well for me. I find it cloying and don’t get much of a clean laundry feel from it. I seem to be in the minority for disliking it, so take my review with a grain of salt.

  12. At first all I get is dryer sheets but not in a bad way. It’s very clean smelling. After a few seconds I can pick out all the individual notes. The vanilla, nag champa, musk, and faded perfume. I think Cozy Sweater is the perfect name for this perfume!

  13. Very soft fuzzy incense. It really does remind me of dryer sheets and clean cotton, but with a vanilla twist. It’s not really all that sweet on me.

  14. At first, I didn’t think I would like this (didn’t like incense), but this is my HG scent. For me, it smells like incense in the vial, but transforms to a clean, cozy vanilla with nag champa in the background on the skin. You know how some people just naturally smell good? Yeah, it’s like that – “my skin but better”. It’s not overly sweet and not overly incensy, but it has a certain warmth and depth. It truly smells like a cozy sweater. Very easy to wear as it wears close to the skin and doesn’t really smell “perfumey” at all. I feel comfortable wearing this around my sister who can’t handle heavy perfumes well.

  15. This is so sugary sweet! Wet, I smell like a pick n mix. I’m assaulted by memories of those those fruity, marshmallow-y sweets that always (always!) seemed to be stale and the waft of pure sugar from candy cigarettes. I’m certain this is the vanilla — ultra foody, very sweet vanilla. Dry (a few hours after application), I smell like sugary nag champa.

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