Ghost Puffs

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick.

17 thoughts on “Ghost Puffs”

  1. First applied, this smells strongly of butter (like sweet movie theater butter that actually has no dairy in it) and marshmallows. It’s definitely strong and wonderful and kind of shocking. It fades down to a rice krispie treat. I was so pleased with this scent I went out and bought a full size bottle of perfume and hair oil.

  2. On first application, this perfume is straight up buttery popcorn on a wooden stick. After about ten minutes, it begins to smell more like straight marshmallow – a one-note, uncomplicated scent. This perfume wears very close to the skin but will get stronger if you get warmer, and is usually gone around 6-8 hours after application.

  3. I finally gave into this one and purchased the perfume oil and pumpkin butter. The perfume is SUPER sweet buttery marshmallow and smells just like rice krispie treats. The pumpkin butter is not quite as sweet and I can really smell the wooden stick which to me smells like a brown paper bag. The two smell pretty different. I enjoy both very much.

  4. The first time I tried Ghost Puffs I was left wondering what the hullabaloo was all about. It just wasn’t very strong. I tried it again the next week and fell head over heels. The wood/stick came through that time and now it’s one of my all-time favorites.

  5. On me, this doesn’t smell like the delicious marshmallow or buttery popcorn people rave about at all. It smells like artificial chocolate (even though that’s not a note) and cardboard, which is likely the wooden stick note. I wish it smelled like Rice Krispie Treats so bad but it just smells like a reject Home Goods chocolate candle.

  6. I’m liking this more as it ages! It’s starting to last longer too, happily. This is a really beautiful sweet scent. Starts off as buttery marshmallow with a bit of popcorn, then slowly settles down into a beautiful marshmallow vanilla scent. Didn’t really get the wood, but oh well!

  7. i didn’t think i would like this as much as i do, but somehow smelling like butter and marshmallows isn’t a bad thing! an excellent fall scent. as others have said, it starts off heavy on the butter, but it quickly settles down and takes on that sweeter hint from the marshmallows. cozy, warm, and inviting.

  8. Freshly applied is buttery, buttery Rice Krispie Treats. Like, I knew I would be down with the marshmallow, but I never realized how okay I am with smelling like butter. Any popcorn is pretty light, the same as it is with other perfumes that have popcorn notes — I’m apparently a popcorn smell blackhole.

    Drydown has the butter easing off considerably and a hint of the wood note coming through, which is nice. Marshmallow-y goodness remains delicious throughout.

    This is such a wonderful scent. I absolutely get the hype. It’s also great for layering and as a perfume fixative.

  9. This is delicious btw. I have always wanted to try this one; it is also my first HoG experience! Starts out like buttery marshmallows, similar to when you are melting marshmallows in butter to make rice krispy treats. It fades to a buttery popcorn scent, not salty pop corn but sweet like it’s been dusted with white sugar.

  10. Remember being a child and making rice crispy treats, pouring melted butter over a bowl of mini marshmallows and heating the whole thing into a mass of sticky goo in the microwave? Ghost Puffs is that melted-butter/marshmallow-goo scent plus a waft of kettle corn. Too buttery for me, but my sister (a huge rice krispie treats fan) adores the pumpkin butter/body lotion the Haus makes with this scent.

  11. Buttery popcorn surrounded with buttery, sweet marshmallow. Sweet and enjoyable scent. Also pairs well with other scents.

  12. Strong buttery kettlecorn with something sweet underneath at first. Fades down to marshmallow with a buttery top-note pretty quickly. It’s a really fun scent!

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