Turkish Delight

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: A confection of exotic vanilla and rose squares dusted with powdered sugar.

2 thoughts on “Turkish Delight”

  1. On my skin this came across true to the scent description. I tend to amp rose but the powdered sugar note seemed to mellow out the rose quite a bit. Rose is still the strongest note but the vanilla and powdered sugar notes make it wearable. I’ve also found myself adding other “vanilla” and “wood/smoke” oils to tweak this to my liking. For reference purposes this reminds me a bit of Solstice Scents Rose Mallow Cream, very similar but not the same.

    1. Turkish Delight perfume oil format is still too rose dominant for my tastes but I like the pumpkin butter. The rose note isn’t nearly as strong. I tend to amplify rose scents to an obnoxious degree so I have to be very careful with ANYTHING rose scented. I was hoping this would be comparable to Marshmallow Rose pumpkin butter. While they are somewhat similar, I still prefer MR to TD. The powdered sugar note in Turkish Delight doesn’t come across in the pumpkin butter the way it does in the perfume oil on my skin. The rose totally dominates and that was the big letdown for me. I wish this translated on me the exact way the perfume oil does.

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