Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Black loamy soil, mushroom caps, and dirty dark patchouli.

2 thoughts on “Amanita”

  1. In the bottle, I get a healthy dose of dank patchouli and I’m pleasantly surprised. Full disclosure: I’ve avoided this one because of the mushroom caps. I was sure it would weirdly dominate and ruin the blend since there aren’t many notes. I was wrong. I quite like this opening. I’m just sitting here sniffing myself in utter disbelief. It’s reinventing my idea of what a “dirty” patchouli can be. Taken quite literally, this is patchouli rolled in clean dirt. There’s no muskiness. There’s no resin. It’s fresh-dirty patchouli, and it’s wonderful. Man, I’m questioning my own judgement on fragrance notes and descriptions. I should have tried this one ages ago. I could see this being used for fabulous layering adventures with something like Baltic Amber or The Wicker Man. I would probably even wear it alone if I were doing something outdoorsy like going on a hike. Remarkable… the dry down reminds me of what I didn’t like with Mephistopheles: the mushroom comes on strong (so I was sorta right after all). I still like this better than M though. The patchouli is putting up a valiant fight against the shroom bully, which I appreciate. I get whiffs of patch-shroom for hours off my wrist and I didn’t even use that much, so that’s impressing me. The patchouli wins the battle in the end too, backed by the lovely dirt again poking its head up. I’m classifying this one as a maybe. I fully expected it to be a nope and maybe even a scrubber. I like that this has nudged the door open a little more to outdoorsy blends for me. It’s always hard for me to find ones in that category that I genuinely like. So that’s cool.

  2. Holy moly, this is the scent I’ve been searching for! It’s so very dank and loamy….. and that patchouli note is my absolute favorite. I came to indie perfumes looking for a “basement” smell, and this is really close. I certainly wouldn’t choose it every day, but it’s absolutely perfect if you’re looking for an interesting dirt smell.

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