Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Chai, pumpkin puree, buttercream, vanilla cookies, powdered sugar.

2 thoughts on “Arsenic”

  1. In the bottle, it smells like pumpkin spice cookies. I put it on and… Holy spice, Batman! That chai is super strong, and it’s surprisingly cinnamon-heavy on me in this blend. It’s overwhelming everything else. After a few minutes, the confections come through and I smell like chai served with frosted pumpkin cookies dusted with powdered sugar. Still significant cinnamon, but that fresh-baked treats feel is to-die-for. It’s 100% Fall. I smell f-ing delicious. This is what candles are striving to smell like every year. It’s completely perfect and cozy. After this sits for a couple hours, the spice is basically gone, so I’m smelling strong sugar cookies, with a breath of buttercream and powdered sugar. It sort of smells like those iced sugar cookies at the supermarket now (the ones that smell way better than they taste). It’s cool how it changes so much. No layering required. It’s delicious in every stage too.

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