Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Strong coffee, streusel coffee cake, nutmeg, brown sugar, toasted almonds.

4 thoughts on “Belsnickel”

  1. The BEST Christmas/Winter scent ever! Sorry that’s so vague but I’m posting reviews from my spreadsheet and that was all I wrote on this one. Needless to say, I loved it.

  2. I’m surprisingly unimpressed with this one at first sniff. I fully expected to be in coffee gourmand heaven! I smell the coffee in the bottle quite strongly, with a hint of almond. Once it hits my skin, it’s like toasted almonds with a tiny hint of coffee begging to come back through. Complete flip flop from the bottle impression. There’s not a distinct sweetness, which I find bizarre. Coffee cake is brown sugar central! Where’s the rich, buttery crumble? This in no way smells BAD, but it is way too subtle for my expectations. It’s basically… unremarkable. I think of the rich, warm coffee and spice I get from Basic Bitch and I desperately want this to deliver something akin to it. I gave it a second chance after a couple weeks, and it’s better. It’s still almond-forward on my skin, though now I can detect the brown sugar aspect, which is an improvement. It feels more complete. The coffee doesn’t disappear, but it’s rather… submissive. I can see this being a nice, subtle daily wear for a coffee enthusiast. I’m not sure I’m sold on it for myself though. There are simply too many other options that I enthusiastically enjoy more from this house. I do like it more than I liked Myrtles Plantation on me. The light sweetness with almond is better than the wood profile. This one is going down as a maybe too.

  3. Not sure I ever really smelled coffee from this one, but there was a hint of nutmeg and brown sugar. Unfortunately once the almond started to come through it overpowered anything else going on.

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