Black Vanilla

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Golden amber, three different vanillas, marshmallow fluff, musk.

5 thoughts on “Black Vanilla”

  1. The vanilla isn’t as dominant as expected, reading warm, deep and caramelic before settling down lighter and drier, almost woody; equal emphasis is put on the full, creamy mallow (which eventually overtakes the vanilla in strength), amplified further by slightly screechy musk. The amber note in here, apparent midway through the wear, leans sweet and floral, oddly reminiscent of tiare. A bit too linear for me.

  2. Soft, perfumy, sweet, and understated. Non-gourmand vanilla, marshmallow, perfumy white musk (not the screechy kind), and a really lovely almost nutty/buttery golden amber.

    I think this would be a great office/school fragrance because the sillage is very soft and I think most people would find the scent inoffensive even if it wasn’t to their personal taste. I love it, but I wish it weren’t so office friendly because I would prefer a stronger version.

    Love, and recommend to those who enjoy of vanilla or amber as well as to anyone looking for a soft, office friendly scent.

  3. Yup, this is right up my alley. I love amber, especially when combined with a sweet note or two. This is gorgeous, rich, resiny, deep, and nuanced vanilla. I get why people like it. If you don’t like/ have trouble with amber, you might not be on board, but I will say that it reads more vanilla to me. Could be the marshmallow contributing. Amber is the complementary note, regardless. I highly suggest it for people who enjoy both. It reminds me of Gold Skulltula a bit, without the delicate floral. It reads a bit darker and sweeter because of that note missing. The dry down becomes more and more straight, smooth vanilla, so I think it will be fabulous layered. I’d call this a tentative favorite. Hard toss-up between this and GS though. They’re close enough that I don’t need both. I’ll have to think on it before I upgrade. I thought I’d be deliberating between this one and Morning Star, tbh, but I don’t think they’re head-to-head competitors for me.

  4. I’ve been wearing this one quite a lot (in EDP). It has the same rich, realistic vanilla bean as Gold Skulltula but without the resinous spice. As it settles in the marshmallow fluff and amber soften it and sweeten it a bit, but it remains a high-quality bold vanilla scent. This is more rich and boozy than sugary, more like putting your nose into a bottle of vanilla bean paste than a bowl of vanilla marshmallows. The musk in here must be doing some kind of undercover magic because it’s not apparent to me, but as with so many of these this one’s greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone seems to agree that it’s great for layering, and I’m certain that will prove to be true.

  5. Very sweet and simple vanilla scent, with a bit of bite from the musk. Not overpowering or headache-inducing. It’s a very light and pleasant scent. It’s good for layering to add some sweetness to darker scents but it is also lovely on its own. Good lasting power

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