Blood Moon

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Dragons blood, smoked vanilla, pipe tobacco, beeswax, sanguine musk.

3 thoughts on “Blood Moon”

  1. On my skin this reminds me of Papa Legba aka C’nest Une Pipe. I think it’s the tobacco note that’s similar if not the same. Something in this blend smells like mild wintergreen or faint sassafras leaf maybe. It reminds me of something in Wolfsbane. I don’t know what it could be. I guess it’s a result of my skin chemistry. Maybe it’s the dragon’s blood or the sanguine musk doing this? Err, it’s just not my jam. It’s not cohesive to me at all. I prefer C’nest Une Pipe for my tobacco note and Wolfsbane for my sassafras.

  2. This is the sweetest, loveliest little dragon’s blood blend. It’s the younger sister of Bordello of Blood. (They have dragon’s blood, beeswax, and tobacco in common). The dark vanilla here serves to lighten the spicy herbal dragon’s blood. Though of course it’s such an assertive note that it’s still undeniably present. The musk underneath is a beautiful complement, tying everything together. I quite like this one. It reminds me of Daemon to a lesser extent, minus the green/ leafy qualities. The dry down is expertly tempered. It’s still like BoB, without the rich incense qualities. I think this might be a good introduction for someone who isn’t sure about dragon’s blood. It’s feisty enough to capture it but smoothed out so it’s less scary for a first-timer. At the same time, it’s also nicely on display for judging since this isn’t as complex. I like it a lot, but I already upgraded BoB to a full-size and I adore it, so I don’t need both in my collection. If I wanted something tamer, but in the same vein, I would order this one. The extreme dry down is almost identical between the two.

  3. Blood Moon is like Papa Legba’s very sophisticated, cool older sister. I’m not normally a fan of dragons blood at but I actually love it in Blood Moon. It’s got a deep merlot kind of vibe to it which pairs well with the chewy honeycomb and rich pipe tobacco.

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