Calm The Fuck Down

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: a sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli).

3 thoughts on “Calm The Fuck Down”

  1. You know, with the vanilla and patchouli, this is a legit perfume, not just an essential oil blend. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so wearable (silly me). I like it a heck of a lot more than expected. I think I need it in a roll-on for both calming purposes and just because it smells delicious. It reminds me of my grandmother a bit too. She sold Young Living Essential Oils back in the 90’s and always smelled of some combination of them. Sometimes she’d slather me too. This blend is along the lines of what I might have worn if I were in control! It’s herby, sure, but in a delicate and a bit classic-hippie way. The sweetness level is perfect. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition. I love it. 100% sold and thought I wouldn’t be!

  2. This is the only scent I’ve tried from Hexennacht that needed a few weeks to settle, but now it’s exactly as advertised: sigh-inducing. I worried that the ylang ylang would stick out like a sore thumb as it usually does on me, but after that rest time it’s just become a lovely sleep scent. I don’t see myself choosing this one to wear during the day, but I’ll definitely enjoy using my little dram before bed. If you like lavender scents to combat anxiety or to help you fall asleep, give this one a try.

  3. This scent name is so appropriate. It’s a gorgeous blend, with the lavender being the star. I was afraid of the patchouli at first, but it’s not over-powering, and gives the fragrance a bit of “oomph”. This is a lovely bed-time scent, or perfect for anytime you need to CTFD.

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