Children of the Corn

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Candy corn, caramel corn, kettle corn.

3 thoughts on “Children of the Corn”

  1. FINALLY a good Popcorn scent! It’s my favorite popcorn scent and my go to if I need a popcorn note to layer. I don’t get a lot of caramel or candy corn. This is mostly just a realistic Kettle corn scent.

  2. This reminds me strongly of Wouldst Thou Like the Taste of Butter? Both in the bottle and on my skin. It’s decadent sweetness and popcorn. It feels like the same base, but taken in different directions, if that makes sense. This is less complicated. I like it well enough, but I almost feel like it needs layering. It would be a supremely good sweet base for other things. That said, I probably wouldn’t full-size it since I have so many wonderful layering options already. Still, this is yummy. It’s almost dripping with butter and sugar, maybe with a dash of popcorn salt. I thoroughly enjoy sniffing it every time. There’s not much else you can ask for in a foodie!

  3. Immediately, I smell sugary, waxy candy corn. This is a really nice candy corn note. After several hours, I swear there is something caramelized and a little bit of an apple note. I’m not sure what that would be – Maybe I’m misinterpreting the kettle corn somehow. Either way, this is definitely a nice combination of the things listed, without any part being too much. I like it a lot.

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