Corpse Bride

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Black roses, white amber, damp earth, vanilla, tonka, musk.

8 thoughts on “Corpse Bride”

  1. Looooove this. In the bottle it’s very earthy and green and that’s what bursts when first applied but after a while it settles into a gorgeous fresh rose with vanilla in the background. Works well with other vanilla scents too. Such a pretty rose, not matronly at all. Long-lasting and projects a few feet out. Thought this would be out of my comfort zone but it’s really, really nice.

  2. All dirt and freshly cut rose stems. I think the vanilla sweetens it up a bit but this is mostly a very green scent with a hint of rose petals in the background.

  3. I usually amp rose scents so keep that in mind when reading this. I was hoping that black rose would behave better on me, perhaps be a bit more mellow. The first thing I can smell on me when I apply this is the dirt note (damp earth). Hmm it’s interesting yet fleeting. All of a sudden here comes the soapy rose to bitch smack me right across my face. Ugh, the rose amped and completely takes over. I honestly wanted to scrub this but I endured in hopes of a better end result. I never smelled any of the other notes. Damn, I was hoping they’d be enough to keep the rose in check but my skin chemistry doesn’t like this one at all. I feel like this could be a beautiful scent…on someone else. On me, this was pungent powerful soapy rose…a death note on me. Oh well, glad I tried it anyway!

  4. In the vial it smells like the freshest most realistic roses I have ever smelled in a perfume. On me, however, it smells like green bell peppers. 🙁

  5. The dirt accord is prominent upon application but quickly blends into the roses, which develop from musty to sweet and heady, like blooming in reverse. An undercurrent of something dry and woody is present, and amber sort of weaves in and out of the scent and tinges the rose enough that it doesn’t smell overwhelmingly floral. Eventually fades to just vanilla musk and ambers.

  6. This one is a total roller coaster for me. The rose is prominent in the bottle and on initial application and I’m meh about it. I don’t do florals as a rule, though I’ve learned there are exceptions. The next thing I smell is rich, gorgeous vanilla. It’s such a nice vanilla. Like it’s special, expertly curated for this blend. I dig that aspect quite a bit. There’s something that’s reminding me of Le Chat Noir too… maybe the white amber? That could be what’s coloring the vanilla so much. The dirt note pokes through soon after, which tempers the sweetness even more. It’s settled into a dirty-sweet barely floral. It’s not at all an overbearing, flowery mess, which I was worried about. The sweetness is exactly the right amount. The dirt and amber prevent it from ever becoming cloying. I’m leaning towards a no out of habit though because it’s still a recognizable rose scent. I could see someone who enthusiastically likes florals adoring this one because it’s a brilliant take on it. It’s balanced. It’s also probably my favorite of the rose scents I’ve tried from this house. I’m very torn… and then I start to notice the dry down. It’s intoxicating, rich vanilla rose rolled in freshly turned soil. It’s. Really. Good. Sexy, yet demure. Sophisticated, yet simple. I get the hype. I’m still not sure if I’ll upgrade it, but it’s undeniably special despite being outside my comfort zone. The appeal grows exponentially as it sits. I’d have to call it signature-worthy from a third/ middle of wear through the end. Very, very interesting. I’m all in on the end, but only about 25% on the beginning, so I just don’t know.

  7. This one was all sweet vanilla-musk and rose on me, very girly and pretty, I just wish I got more of the earthiness. I mean, it’s a very nice scent, a nice light rose, not cloying, with depth and sensuality from the musk. I just wanted it a bit dirtier 🙂

  8. This is a delicious, fresh and lush rose with a bit of earthy dirt to ground it when first applied. The vanilla and tonka come out on the dry down and it turns into a really beautiful sweet floral scent with a bit of a dark edge from the dirt and musk. The rose note is amazing. It doesn’t go soapy or grandma on me at all. Longevity is excellent too. If I apply it at night the smell will linger until the morning

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