Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Black tea, bergamot, tobacco, vanilla, amber.

7 thoughts on “Crowley”

  1. Starts as sweet tobacco – like a pleasant cigar. Changes to a bergamot tea when sniffed up close. Projects tobacco though. Yummy. I’m all that I love about cigars and good quality cigarettes. This feels like me as a whole.

  2. As soon as I applied Crowley on my skin I got the bergamot, black tea and tobacco in that order right away. Hexennacht’s vanilla and marshmallow notes usually go undetected on me and I can’t pick up any vanilla. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes and the amber ruined the entire thing by amping a fake plastic baby powder gone wrong stank. I’m going to have to scrub this…it’s absolutely nauseating. When ambers turn rank on me they don’t change. There’s no hope for Crowley and my skin chemistry. This didn’t make it past the 10 minute mark on me before I had to throw in the towel and wash the oil off my skin. Thank goodness for Ajevie samples, I’d have been upset if this was a FS purchase.

  3. I’m not getting the men’s cologne vibes at all! To me this is just a gorgeous earl grey with a dollop of vanilla cream. Quite light and super relaxing. It’s just really pleasant

  4. To my nose, this is a scent that I wouldn’t be able to pick out the individual notes if I didn’t have the list in front of me. The bergamot is definitely present, but it’s more toned down than a lot of bergamot scents I’ve tried. Only because I’ve tried a lot of black tea scents can I tell you that there’s a black tea in here. The tobacco, vanilla, and amber are used so lightly here, but each one of them definitely puts their stamp on the end result. This definitely has a vibe that could be marketed to death by one of the Cool Girl niche brands, but let’s not do that. It’s SO easy to wear—fresh but not screechy, energetic and joyful but not childlike, and classy as hell. If you like Alkemia’s Madam Pearl, you should try this.

  5. In the bottle, this smells like super clean men’s cologne. There’s plain, dried tobacco rolled with black tea leaves, as well as a restrained sweetness from the vanilla. Bergamot lends a faint orange smell; It’s complementary and I might not be able to identify it if I didn’t expect it. I don’t get a familiar amber feel from this one, so I’m hopeful my skin will pull that note out like it normally does. The tea gets stronger on my skin, which isn’t my favorite. I smell like tea and a dash of tobacco, which isn’t bad, but I’m not swooning either. I liked it better in the bottle. This is ultimately too clean for my style, but I can recognize that it smells good.

  6. Lovely and exactly as the notes sound, smooth, lightly sweet amber and tobacco, well blended bergamot bringing an orange-y edge without making it citrusy or fruity. This does have a bit of an ‘expensive men’s cologne’ vibe to it but in the best way- definitely still wearable for any gender!

  7. I love this scent. It’s tobacco, vanilla, tea, and just a little of a sort of men’s cologne vibe, with amber underneath. Although I’d never given it any thought, I suppose this is what I would have expected Alistair Crowley’s study to smell like. This is a favorite of mine; it’s warm, not cloying, and probably would be great for any gender.

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