Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Dark patchouli, clove cigarettes, tonka bean, marshmallow.

5 thoughts on “Eulogy”

  1. I’d say I’m mostly getting patchouli and clove with this one, with the clove juuust edging out as the dominant note over the patch. I can detect the tonka bean or marshmallow individually, but I do believe they’re what keeps this from being straight head shop. The longevity and throw are also commendable.

  2. After trying out Hestia (marshmallow and clove) I had high hopes for Eulogy. On my skin Eulogy is all patchouli and clove. I’m not getting any marshmallow or tonka bean but I don’t mind because what I do smell is pretty good. I wish that I got more sweetness out of this perfume. I wanted that marshmallow to come through the way it did in Hestia. I can always layer! Now I’m torn between this and Hestia. I feel like they’re similar and I only need one of them but can’t decide on my choice. The longevity on this is incredible. I don’t know what it is about Hex blends but either they disappear in a few hours or they last forever. There’s not a lot of middle ground, it’s one extreme or the other. You definitely have to like both patchouli and clove notes to wear this perfume oil.

  3. Earthy, course, unisex, and lightly sweet. Patchouli and earthy clove with hints of tonka bean and marshmallow.

    The patchouli in this one is a little rough for me… much more so than the one in Norman Loves Mother. The tonka bean and marshmallow are just barely there. Really wish they were stronger as that might make the patchouli seem softer. Like a trip to your local headshop\smokeshop.

    Not for me, but I recommend to those who enjoy harsh patchouli notes.

  4. This reminds me of what I liked about Frau Perchta on first impression. It has a bold, biting spice but doesn’t have the powdery pepper aspect that sadly killed that one for me. I think that confirms it was the clove I enjoyed so much. This one is super, super strong clove on application. I want more to cut through that note, to be honest. I legit smell like an unlit clove cigarette. It’s a good smell; Don’t get me wrong. I just expected more nuance. Luckily, as it sits on my skin, the patchouli comes through. It’s a nice combo. It strikes me as a bit dark and elegant. I’m not really getting any sweetness. Nearing the end of wear, I can barely detect airy-sweet marshmallow. The clove is persisting too, even this faded, which I find impressive. Smells a bit like Hestia on the extreme dry down. If you like clove, you need to try this one. I destashed it. It’s good, but not a favorite.

  5. This was advertised as clove cigarettes and boy is that spot on. It’s so nostalgic for me; it really is clove cigarettes with a grounding of patchouli, and although I seem to have a love/hate relationship with patch, this one was definitely a love. It’s spicy, the clove is strong, and it’s just as you would think from the description. The marshmallow adds just a bit of sweetness; it’s not especially apparent, which I really like.

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