Head Shop

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Grape cigarillos, nag champa incense.

2 thoughts on “Head Shop”

  1. Super yummy grape right off the bat, which I love. Whizzpopper vibes without the lemon and that’s exactly what I expected. I don’t really smell nag champa though… and I never do. The grape fades way too quickly and I can’t identify what it smells like; It’s not incense. It’s sort of… vague dried herb of some kind. Like remnants at the bottom of an herb chest. I don’t know. This is super weird and disappointing after my love affair with the nag in Spirit Temple. I don’t know what else to say! Not for me.

  2. This scent starts off artificial grape but not as clothing as some fake grape scents. In about 10 minutes it chills to a grape blunt wrap and in about twenty the incense pops through. It reminds me of blunt rides and being free the good ol’ days lol. I like it but more as an atmospheric scent, I find it unique and spot on and I enjoy the vibe.

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