Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Thorn-riddled blackberry brambles, cabernet sauvignon, sagebrush, dark patchouli.

3 thoughts on “Hecate”

  1. Unexpectedly liking this — wine *and* berry notes are often death for me, but here they work beautifully. This is all juicy, overripe fruit, a not-too-boozy/not-too-tannin-y smooth red wine undertone, and a faint base of the gorgeous dark patch note that made me fall in love with Hexennacht. Very good late summer/harvest season scent. Can see myself reaching for this often and blasting thru this dram pretty quickly.

  2. Straight blackberries in the bottle. I love blackberry jam, so I’m okay with this! It suddenly smells like WINE on me (not surprising since it’s literally a note lol, but because it was so fruit-forward in the bottle). There’s also an outdoorsy quality, so I’ll attribute that to the sagebrush and “thorn-riddled brambles”. It’s a strong scent, but I can hang with it. Not a lick of patchouli to my nose unfortunately. It could also be an interesting layer with something sugary or dirty, maybe with some patch to bring that aspect out of hiding. I’ll happily use this one up, but I probably don’t need more since I want to layer it so much.

  3. If you’re interested in smelling like a sensual forest witch, this one’s for you. The sagebrush and patchouli keep the blackberry from being syrupy and the cabernet gives the scent a luscious depth. This was a surprise favorite for me!

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