Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Fir boughs, bayberry, vanilla leaf.

2 thoughts on “Hemlock”

  1. I’m surprised that I can smell berries first in the bottle, and a little green sweetness. Then I get washed over by the fir and I’m less enthused. On my skin, it leans hard into the greenery. I’m not usually a green person, but this one is objectively nice. It never gives me “floor cleaner” vibes, which is always my fear with tree notes in this family. It’s not astringent in any way. I like the way the vanilla smooths it all, lending welcome sweetness. I don’t smell any berry anymore though, and I miss that element. It’s mostly just a very Yule-feeling green vanilla (70/30 split fir/vanilla). It evokes winter when I sniff it, akin to the familiar smells of mistletoe and holly of the season, very fresh and slightly nostalgic. Neat. Just not for me. I could probably use this in a diffuser and be happy with it. It’s not a need by any means though. I knew this wasn’t going to be my cup of tea and that’s okay.

  2. For me this is a great “Christmas tree” scent. It really smells like a fir forest, and the bayberry and vanilla sort of give it that “holiday candle” feel, but I mean that in the way that it’s totally wearable; it would just also be good as a candle, if you know what I mean. I enjoy layering this one. Also for me, it’s wonderful but very seasonal, I think my associations with these scents are too closely tied to the holidays for me to wear it year-round, but I love it for the holiday season!

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