Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Black agar, rosewood shelves stacked with books, and deep, sweet, heady incense of every variety.

3 thoughts on “Hexenhaus”

  1. This reminds me of Magus from alkemia. It smells like high John to me. The description is very accurate, it definitely takes me to a library with old books, and old ashes from incense and a candle burning so you can read your scriptures.

  2. This is uncanny. It literally smells like opening an old book, one with character that’s passed through many hands and developed a scent story of its own. I’m again reminded of the old occult bookstore I worked for, but this time amid the books instead of holed up with the herbs. It’s captured the smell of parchment well. I am suspicious that I’m projecting a little of my expectation here… Still smells like well-loved books on me though, and I am digging it! I get indistinctive incense wafting now, as if the pages have absorbed what’s been burned around them over the years. There’s a nostalgic vibe. It’s also a low-key scent, one that I could probably swing wearing to work. Like it’s there, but it’s a bit atmospheric, so it doesn’t necessarily read as PERFUME. It’s unique. Very cool.

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