Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Cedar, leather, caraway, tea tree, anise, rosemary, clove, vanilla.

7 thoughts on “Hoggle”

  1. I wasn’t big for Hoggle on me but when my husband wore it I couldn’t stop smelling him! It worked perfectly with his body chemistry, and I was sad to hear it was discontinued. I was able to buy one used from someone, at least. I can’t believe they had a whole Labyrinth perfume thing, back before I knew anything about indie perfumes!

  2. This perfume oil reminds me of Solstice Scents Wilcox’s or Witch’s Cottage minus the baked goods. They’re not identical by any means but they run in the same vein. Personally I prefer SS Witch’s Cottage over Hexennacht’s Hoggle. Something in Hoggle doesn’t completely mesh with me. I’m thinking it’s probably the leather note. I’ve not had the best luck with leathers. The caraway adds a bitter medicinal note that I’m on the fence about but the sweetness of the vanilla helps to temper it. I feel like I’m smelling the notes individually instead of them blending together the way I fell a scent should. I really wanted to like this (it smelled promising out of the vial) but it fell short. I believe that this is a scent that you need to try to truly judge. This scent only lasts about 2 to 21/2 hours on my skin. If you’re like me and your skin eats up fragrance then that’s something to consider. Of course you could be okay with reapplying throughout the day.

  3. This for me at least is a dupe for ‘A roll in the hay‘ by alkemia- or their spring revival of ‘Bohemian voyage*’
    It’s a subtle barely there herb garden in a mini suede satchel. Laymen’s – grassy vanilla. It’s Hoggle! from the labyrinth, it’s missing a metal note since he loves jewels though.

  4. I have no idea how to feel about this. It’s sort of masculine-medicinal-woodsy-… sweet? The vanilla base is my favorite part, but it feels so out of place. I don’t get much leather, which is fine by me. I smell licorice at times, and a flash of herby rosemary. It’s a true oddball. After some time passes, the vanilla is the dominant smell, but it’s still got these weird, discordant other notes coming through occasionally. I’m at a loss for words on this. My brain is mostly confused. So… pass?

  5. OMFG I LOVE Hoggle! I can’t even describe how amazing this one is. A beautiful woodsy/herbal/spice with vanilla. It has a bit of a root beer vibe and reminds me of a earthier more herbal Hypnotic Poison. Fabulous stuff!

  6. This one’s interesting. I got it based on reading… Well, the other review here!. First clove-note perfume i’ve gotten, and it took me a bit to realize what I was sniffing – I just knew that I opened up the bottle, took a whiff, and went wow, that’s medicinal, but… Not in a bad way? Turns out that was the clove sitting at the forefront, knew it as soon as I read the notes.

    After 24 hours, the clove has faded – I actually can barely notice it anymore, or it’s just melding so well with everything else that I can’t distinguish it. In the bottle, this smells… More medicinal than before, and it is in a bad way, like cough syrup. But it changes entirely when it gets on my skin.

    It smells like… Sweet leather. Honestly, it reminds me a little bit of the sort of tootsie roll scent that S92’s Baba Yaga turns into on me, but for some reason, it’s not that bad this time – more reserved, more purposeful, a little boozy. A little eensy weensy bit spicy. As it dries down, the woody smell of the cedar joins the sweet leather. Makes me think of a butch biker lady in a well-worn brown leather jacket, sitting at a bar – this is what she’d smell like.

    the sillage is pretty light, I can smell it maybe two inches from my wrist. Lasts for a couple of hours – right now i’ve been wearing it for about two and it’s juuust starting to fade.

  7. I think this is my favorite Hexennacht scent, and it’s certainly one of my all-time favorites from anywhere. Try this perfume. Reading the description, you might not think this perfume is as warm as it is. It’s one of those where I have trouble detecting any of the individual notes, and the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts; to me it doesn’t smell like you might think from the description, and it’s so much better than I imagined. I don’t even know how I’d describe this one; the resinous notes from the cedar and the herbal rosemary blend perfectly with the sharpness from the tea tree and caraway, and the groundedness of the leather and vanilla. This is not a leather perfume, nor is it just straight spicy, nor is it overly medicinal or sharp the way you might expect from the inclusion of tea tree. It’s so warm, moderately thick, and has a lot of depth; I wish I were better at describing this, because it’s just sublime.

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