Kentucky Bourbon & Woodsmoke

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Rich Kentucky bourbon, vanilla musk, teakwood, mahogany and light woodsmoke.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Bourbon & Woodsmoke”

  1. Ohhhh, this one is absolute heaven in a bottle. I’ve got to admit I was nervous about it because the notes in the title tend to pop up a lot in generic men’s fragrances. They’re rarely accurate. This one is though! It’s completely captured all the best qualities of an aged oak barrel full of whiskey (minus the sharp alcohol). It’s buttery, dry, woody, spicy, rich and sexy, with a smoky quality that just amps up the heart of the fragrance. It’s got all the things I liked about The Gunslinger, but clean, and tweaked to perfection. I’m completely enamored. I want to smell like this. I want my partner to smell like this. Even my house could smell like this. I’m 100% sold on the bottle smell. On me, I get a lot of smoke. Whiskey bonfire going on. On my guy, it leans way more towards the bourbon notes. It teeters just on the edge of sweet on him, but it’s all smoke and wood-depth on me. The smoke slowly fades out with wear, exposing more of the bourbon nuances. The extreme dry down is super smooth, like a toned-down skin version of the bourbon barrels I smell in the bottle. I have just the teensiest whiff of brown sugar-like sweetness. I still like it, but I like the bottle smell best. Since my skin seems to want to amp the smoke note, it makes me think of how All Soul’s Night wore on me. The scents aren’t really that similar, but the smoke on my skin is. I’ll have to think on this one.

  2. This is a great scent, but on me, at least, it really quiets way down after an hour or two. I think my body chemistry tends to just destroy smoky scents somehow; I wind up amping up everything except the woodsmoke, so this very much has an aged bourbon (think “oakwood barrels that produce caramel, vanilla and tobacco notes”, not “i’m drinking a glass of bourbon neat right now”) and men’s cologne feel than I would’ve anticipated, but since I tend to enjoy fragrances that lean “masculine”, this was okay by me. After several hours, it drifted into the background quite a bit.

  3. All I smell is woodsmoke. I enjoy it because it’s like taking a walk on a cool crisp autumn day and smelling smoke in the air, as your neighbors start using their fireplaces. I wish the other scents came through more, especially the bourbon. I will keep trying it out and see if it changes as the perfume ages.

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