Le Chat Noir

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Chimney smoke, freshly fallen snow, and the cool, dry, musky scent of a cat just in from a long winter stroll.

10 thoughts on “Le Chat Noir”

  1. I did a side by side of this and Loup Garou (one on each wrist), and this is a pleasant, mild musk, whereas I get a single note amber from Loup Garou and nothing else. I don’t really get smoke from this, and there is a note in here I was struggling to identify at first. I thought maybe it was an ozonic note or an aquatic accord, meant to represent the snow part of the scent storyline, and I don’t really like it. I had my husband take a sniff of my wrist, and he immediately said “that’s grapey” and after that it clicked. It smells exactly like that grape hairspray smell. I don’t know the brand but I know the smell and this is it exactly. I found this exact same grape hairspray note to be both present and overwhelming in Spirit Temple, but as far as I can tell, they don’t share any notes. That smell lingers for a while, and eventually does fade away so that all that is left is a soft musky smell, which I do like. It definitely is comforting and smells like a cat, but then again, I am not sure I want to smell like a cat.

  2. This one is a very atmospheric blend on my skin. I find it hard to describe. I don’t have anything quite like it in my collection. I was worried I’d get a cat pee/civet/animalic note out of this. I didn’t know what to expect with “musky scent of a cat just in from a winter stroll”. Instead it smells clean, smoky and comforting. I’m smelling a muted ozone here, maybe it’s the fallen snow? There is the loveliest chimney smoke note that stays in the background of this blend. Some note(s) here just skirts the line of sour to a clean body sweat. Do I sound crazy? It morphs back and forth until the clean sweat smell wins out. I’m kind of on the fence with this mystery note. It’s so hard to put this one into words. I’ve actually worn this a few times before trying to review it for others. It ends up being a musky clean sweat smell (in a good way) with the slightest woody tinge of the chimney smoke. In the final phase I get the smallest hint of dirt/soil from the outdoors. I want to smell this on a man, I think it would be delish! A very unusual atmospheric perfume oil. This seems to stick pretty close to the skin and fades away (to my nose anyway) after a few hours. Maybe this morphed into a “my skin but better” smell, I don’t know. I don’t have too many atmospheric scents in my collection. The only ones that come to mind are Solstice Scents Foxcroft (outdoor Fall childhood memories) and Pearanormal Activity from Hexennacht (hello ozone and spectral musk). Now I’m curious to layer with one or both of the above mentioned.

    1. So after multiple testings AND layering with other scents…I have determined that Le Chat Noir has a “dirty gym socks” phase on me. There was a note that I used to associate with a clean sweat smell that was on the edge of rank but, time has turned it to the foulest of dirty socks. It does disappear eventually but I cannot stand this phase while it lasts on me (about an hour on skin and clothes). Straight up, it turns my stomach and makes me nauseated. While layering does help (Pearanormal Activity works well among other Hex scents) that gym sock smell never goes away until the note wears off on my skin. It’s NOT a smell that I ever care to have on me. I’m convinced that this note only got more intense with the aging of this oil. This one I’d a definite pass for me based on that one rank stank note that was the downfall on LCN for me. Who wants to smell like sweaty dirty laundry? Not me! LCN and my skin chemistry just don’t get along.

  3. Smells just sort of ambiguously sweet and syrupy, a lot like I found with Hex’s Loup-Garou, Alkemia’s Ghost Fire, and NAVA’s Eternal Ankh. The very slight twist here is a veeery mild smoke note that I really have to be looking for in order to pick up.

    It’s also super light, and is a skin scent– no throw at all on me.

  4. Funny, only after 1+ years rest the chimney smoke finally came through. Until now this was just nice wintery almost dirty smelling musk, but now the smoke is right in the front and let me tell you, it’s the nicest smoke note I smelled.

  5. Another one that didn’t mesh well with my chemistry. I smelled something similar to Loup Garou and something slightly dusty, but it wasn’t something I’d want to wear on my own skin.

  6. This is a very lovely scent. It gives me a comfy feeling; I love to wear this if I’m going to curl up on the couch but I also find it wearable outside as well.

  7. I have mixed feelings going into this one. Loup Garou was a huge let down and they’re often called sister scents. That smelled like my own skin and was very off putting as a perfume (why would you bottle my skin smell?!). I’d hoped since this is described as the stronger, smokier version and that tends to be my taste, that it would suddenly click for me on why these are so hyped. I do get smoke on application and something that my brain is reading as… snow? It smells the way pure, clean water tastes. The dry down evokes a bit of that “my skin but better” everyone keeps talking about. It’s mostly just clean. It’s okay. I could wear it, but I wouldn’t seek it out. This is much more interesting than LG was, but it’s still not something I WANT to wear. It’s just too damn subtle! When I did a side-by-side comparison of this with Corpse Bride, it makes me like this a little more, surprisingly. For some reason when I have the sweeter CB to play against it, I’m struck by how nice the match of light smoke and clean snow is. Completely unexpected. Hmmm… LCN could fill a need for a clean winter scent. A lot of my cold weather stuff trends to foodie and spicy. So… maybe I do need this. I have a feeling I’ll fall for other things harder though, so it’s going in the “someday maybe” category.

  8. Right out of the bottle I smell a cool, cologne-like scent with a hint of dirt behind it, which I assume is the musky note from the “cat coming inside from a walk outdoors”. I understand this is more of an atmospheric and evocative scent, but I unfortunately don’t get the snow note. This isn’t to say I don’t like it, as it’s quite the opposite, but to me a more apt description would be, good smelling man who just came inside from working outdoors. I love anything that reads as cologne-y so this is right up my alley. Longevity is longer than Thanatos on my skin, and maintains a pretty similar note harmony as it wears as when first smelled in the bottle.

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