Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Ginger beer, cardamom, black peppercorns.

5 thoughts on “Mandrake”

  1. Very realistic ginger beer with a super spicy kick in the bottle; stays that way on the skin for all of 5 minutes, 10 if you’re lucky. I really love how this smells, but the longevity is terrible. I hope Frau Perchta, which appears to be roughly the same thing sans cardamom, will last longer.

  2. Moscow mule in a bottle but when it’s applied, the fizziness disappears disappointingly quickly. The ginger smells weak and flaccid like powdered ginger, rather than its zippy fresh counterpart. The black pepper adds a much needed spicy kick that the ginger beer falls flat on.

  3. I really dig this in the bottle. It’s totally a Moscow Mule in perfume form! I’m so excited to get it on my skin! And then my old nemesis black pepper rears its ugly head. Sigh. I don’t like black pepper as a note. It always seems to come across as dusty to me, and I don’t wanna smell dusty! So, with that in mind, I prefer Karmical Imbalance for this general type. It’s got amazing sweet lemon and cola in place of the spices in this. The pepper does recede quickly, which is a plus. I smell mostly like ginger beer now, which is killer. I can hang with this. It’s relatively one-dimensional though, so I don’t see it getting much use other than as a layer. And again, I would prefer KI for that purpose since it doesn’t have the black pepper note. I was hopeful because of the cardamom in this, which has proven time and time again to be a sure thing from Hex. Not the case here unfortunately. That note never jumps out. Shame. The ginger beer is nice though! I keep sniffing my arm on the drydown. It’s another one I’d like if the top notes weren’t there.

  4. Fizzy zesty Ginger beer. It’s not as sweet as you might expect, it’s actually quite bubbly and refreshing.

  5. Extremely realistic ginger beer! Fizzy, bright, sweet. It’s kind of amazing that Caroline was able to bottle that exact scent. I don’t get much of the cardamom or peppercorns, unfortunately.

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