Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Animalic accord, amber, black patchouli, cedar, Peru balsam, vanilla, cacao, caramel, cardamom, musk.

6 thoughts on “Necromancer”

  1. I love this so much. This particular animalic accord jives so well with my chemistry. I’ve had issues in the past where animalic smells can turn to cat pee ( a death note for sure) but none of that with this gem! Again, this is another fragrance where it’s so much more than the sum of it’s parts. I adore this in every stage…wet in the vial to the final stage. I agree with Haven’s comment that this blend is cedar dominant, the cedar note is present on me throughout the wear time. This one lasted a long time on me as well. Good stuff.

  2. If fire could sweat, this is what it would smell like. I get an instant warmth from the bottle that’s practically begging me to come closer… seductive and dangerous. It’s a lovely musky patchouli and drippy amber, smoothed to perfection with the foodie notes. I can’t smell vanilla, cacao, caramel, or cardamom explicitly. They’re all blended masterfully in supporting roles. It’s a really wearable patchouli, which I appreciate. My (former?) favorite blend from another house has an aggressiveness to it that keeps me from grabbing it some days depending on where I’m going. I could wear this just about anywhere. As it dries down, the sweet notes slowly creep over the patch (deep and nuanced sweet, not hyper sugar). By gods, this is beautiful from start to finish. I’m in love!!!

  3. One of my favorites from Hexennacht. Super sexy, dark woody blend. I amp cedar, so this turns pretty cedar-dominant, but the animalics, bitter cacao, ,and caramel still come through. It’s definitely not gourmand but it has a smooth background. Makes me feel like a sexy witch.

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