Papa Legba

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Aged dark Maduro cigars, spiced vanilla, beeswax votives, golden honeycomb.

5 thoughts on “Papa Legba”

  1. The name of this must have changed because my vial is called Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe instead of Papa Legba. This scent lasted well over 10 hours on me which was a very welcomed surprise. This is very honey dominant on me with the smell of unlit cigar tobacco in the background. The spiced vanilla comes across as cinnamon like but I don’t believe it is because my skin didn’t react (cinnamon doesn’t like me). Whatever it is, I’m loving it. Very warm, cozy and inviting. I’ve layered this with Alpha Musk’s Egyptian Amber Cashmere Cream and it’s lovely. I want to try layering this with a peach note and also with a smoke note. I really like this one especially for layering. I was afraid that I’d amp the honey note, and I did, but the rest of the notes were strong enough to balance the honey. This is definitely a contender for a FS bottle. If you’re a fan of the listed notes, you must give this one a try. This sort of reminds me of a fall or cool weather scent but I’d happily dip in to this year round!

  2. Wow. This first strikes me as the more mature version of Nicotine. Like, I really like Nicotine. A lot. That one is all fresh-split vanilla cigarillo. It’s sweetly intoxicating. It evokes memories of visiting the corner tobacco shop with my mom when I was younger. It smells like walking into a flavored-wrap stockroom that’s just been filled, dominated by a waterfall of vanillas. It’s freaking delicious. But this? This is visiting a high-end Cuban cigar retailer instead. It’s sophisticated. The honey reads as a by-product of the richness of tobacco and lovingly handcrafted cigar wraps, not as an added flavoring. As it wears, it’s like honey is being poured into the fragrance. I’m not a huge honey fan as a rule. I really want more cigar and tobacco as it gets to the dry down. It settles on a nuanced honeycomb. It reminds me of honeycomb candy I had once, almost like peanut brittle without the nuttiness if that makes any sense. It’s ever-so-slightly spiced and with a faint trail of tobacco hanging around. I’ve got a hard decision to make now. Do I want this or Nicotine in a roll-on?! Part of me is saying I must let my anti-honey bias go and dive into the more traditional cigar vibe of Papa Legba… but Nicotine was my first love and triggers some great nostalgia. This bears some pondering.

  3. Definitely syrupy honey from the bottle but thinned out once on. If looking for lasting power this one is a winner. The last note I get from it after several hours though is almost cinnamon which intrigues me since no cinnamon is listed.

  4. This seems to be an extremely popular scent from this house, but it just didn’t work for me at all. I was hoping for more pipe tobacco, which in retrospect looking at the description I shouldn’t have expected. This went straight honey on me with cigars in the background, and I’m pretty iffy with honey as it can easily go weird on my skin. That’s exactly what this did; it was a bit heavier and stickier than I wanted, and the honey note didn’t work for me. This is a huge favorite of many, though, so take my experience with a grain of salt!

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