Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Blackcurrant, raspberry, fizzy soda.

Released: The Gobblefunk Collection

2 thoughts on “Phizz-Wizzling”

  1. This is black cherry soda both in the bottle and on skin. The notes say black currant and raspberry, so I guess that’s close enough! It’s straightforward and delightful. It smells very much like a freshly cracked Cheerwine, bubbles and all. It’s an uplifting and happy scent. I would put this on par with Whizzpopper for delicious foodie on the side of candy sweet (makes sense that they were part of the same collection). It’s got enough tartness and nuance not to be cloying (though this one is admittedly less sour without the lemonade element). I’m impressed. It has some similarities to Southern Hospitali-tea too with the bright berry profile, but they take it in different directions. This one stands out because of the fizzy soda quality. Very cool. It also has incredible longevity, which is a big deal for me with fruity. It lasted all day and into the night, with a faint whiff left the next morning. Solid. I’m really into the bright fruit/ candy scents from Hexennacht, which I would have staunchly been against if you’d asked me a year ago. I’m usually a sucker for bakery scents on the foodie side of things. It’s been a crazy, happy journey!

  2. Really nice and fun! It’s definitely very fizzy, which is delightful, and the fruit is noticeable but hard to pin down specifically. It’s very sweet and lightly syrupy, especially after several hours. This is a simple but uplifting scent.

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