Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Amber, dark patchouli, sandalwood, orange blossom, vanilla.

6 thoughts on “Planchette”

  1. I was worried about this one since the notes a re very similar to Chakra Khan and that didn’t jive with my skin chemistry. Planchette smells nothing like CK on my skin. Hands down I prefer this to CK but I have yet to try out Witchboard. I’ve read reviews that state Chakra Khan, Planchette and Witchboard are all very similar. I’m not getting the orange blossom here the way I did in CK and I’m glad. I’m a bit confused about this blend. The first time I tried it, I really enjoyed it. The second time I tried it, the amber in the blend went to baby powder on me and I was not a fan. I must admit, the second testing of this scent has put me off of this for now.

  2. Planchette is a softer blend than Witchboard in both scent profile and throw, being lighter on the patchouli and woods (with sandalwood masking most of the sharpness that characterizes Iso Super E). Orange blossom reads as more of a spicy, aromatic undercurrent beneath the vanilla than something obviously floral or citrusy, but colors the amber note for it to read sweet and musky instead of foody. Briefly goes musty before the vanilla and amber take over the drydown.

  3. Soft, earthy, dark, unisex, and lightly sweet. Smooth patchouli, sandalwood, and amber with a hint of non-gourmand vanilla. I can smell a little of the orange blossom at first, but it disappears completely after a few moments.

    Something about this reminds me of a dark, sexy rootbeer… if rootbeer were made from patchouli. Unfortunately though, it’s a soft perfume with little sillage. I would like it much more if it were stronger.

    Not for me, but recommend to anyone looking for a soft earthy scent that stays close to the skin.

  4. This opens with strong, fresh patchouli (instantly one of the best patchoulis I’ve smelled!) and big bright orange blossoms, and sweetens and softens as it dries thanks to the vanilla and amber. The sandalwood adds a lovely supporting note to tie in the two phases. This is similar to Lush’s Karma, but far less in-your-face and more friendly and welcoming overall.

  5. In the bottle, this is reading sharp and super woody. The patchouli is obvious but smells fresh and pungent instead of “dark”. I’m caught off guard. I expected syrupy amber and warm sandalwood, perhaps deepened by a mature patch. I get no sweetness at all. On my skin, it’s remarkably transformed. It’s so much softer, and quite pretty. I don’t mean soft as in faint because I don’t have to hunt for it… it just has an enveloping presence. I didn’t know what orange blossom was going to smell like in here, but it’s rocking my world! I get the suggestion of citrus fruit, wrapped in this flirty, subtly sweet magic note. I’m slowly coming around on “florals” because of examples like this! I think I need to try more blends with orange blossom! The patch has become quite delicate, happily letting each note stand alongside it. It’s lovely. There’s also a resinous quality that I’m pegging as amber (I usually amp amber like crazy, so this is very cool). The vanilla must be lending sweetness to the orange blossom, the sandalwood steadily grounding it all. It represents wood in the way I love. Often blends can feel harsh or one-dimensional to my nose because the woodenness becomes central. This isn’t like that at all; It’s just… perfect. It’s everything I wanted it to be. Even now going back and sniffing the bottle, then my arm… and I’ve got two completely different scents. It’s surreal. Never rely on a bottle sniff! Skin chemistry FTW. As it fades with wear, the more I smell like amber. I expected that, and I like it. Gorgeous transition. Winner!

  6. Another of my hexennacht favorites. This strongly reminds me of Lush’s Lord of Misrule at first, with some smooth dark patch and vanilla. As it dries down, the vanilla and creamy sandalwood come out more and the whole thing turns into a magical, warm cozy scent with a bit of a bite. The orange blossom isn’t really detectable, except for maybe a slight floral lightness keeping the whole thing from going too dark.

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