The Bell Witch

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Blood musk, ebon musk, feral musk, nag champa, sandalwood, incense, guaiacwood, vanilla, bergamot, aged dark patchouli, woodsmoke, amber.

5 thoughts on “The Bell Witch”

  1. I’m getting the same strange wintergreen/sassafras note on my skin in this blend the way I did with Blood Moon. Could it be the sanguine/blood musk? Again, it’s not a cohesive blend on me at all. There’s also something in this that’s quite animalic on my skin. I’m thinking the feral musk maybe? It smells way to close to cat urine on my skin. It takes over pretty much all of the other notes listed and I’m not a fan of the funky sharpness. The final stage is alright but I can’t bare to suffer through the wear time to develop that scent.

  2. I got this as a sample. It smells a little like salted meat in the bottle, in my opinion, which is actually quite intriguing. A little creepy. But I can’t lie: it’s also kind of gross.

    Once placed on my skin, the salty smell lingers for quite some time. I can taste salt on my tongue, somehow. It’s a strong blend.

    As time goes on, it develops into a cloistered dampness. Think as if you were running outside in a cold rain but getting hot and sweaty nonetheless. You come inside and the heater is blasting. Now you’re way too warm.

    I like it quite a bit once the initial saltiness wears off.

  3. I’m gonna be honest. I’m a gourmand girl. So reaching for this is a HUGE leap and holy crap i’m so glad i did! It’s so spicy and oddly kinda sweet on me. It’s musky, incensey, and overall the perfect “I wanna feel like a beautiful sultry witch practicing magic and sacrifices in the deep forest” scent. It’s VERY powerful so I do not recommend spilling it but I honestly adore it.

    Highly recommend if you like musks and spices.

  4. Oof. This is just too much. It smells like I haven’t showered in years, and that’s not a good thing in my book. It makes me think of the stories about queens dousing themselves in tinctures and herbs to cover the smell of not bathing. It’s overwhelming. I can handle a couple days of camping and ripeness, but this is taking it too far for my nose. Necromancer is a much better perfume interpretation of human muskiness. I almost smell blood too, like there’s an iron element, which is not something I seek out as a fragrance. I get it now when people say it’s an intimidating scent, which could be interesting to some extent… It’s unfortunately too far outside my realm of possibility. I want to smell good! This does not smell good to me. Pass.

    1. Blood musk eeeek sounds scary! it is hella red musk at the beginning stages. It’s leaning very patchouli/ hidden woods spooky & hints of amber with shards of bergamot rind. Idk this a dark, raunchy blend. Even my square sample looks mystical.. there’s like dark flakes floating around. I want to let this simmer for a while and come back to it. I recently just ordered a bottle ‘vampyre’ from nocturne alchemy.. and that meets my red muck quota for the year (: recommended for musk lovers, red licorice fans , patch folks

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