Torture Chamber

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: leather straps, metal chains, wooden paddles, earthen floor.

2 thoughts on “Torture Chamber”

  1. Huh. I get a weird blast of something clinical in the bottle on first sniff. It just reminds me of a hospital, all sterile and… slightly bitter? I’m guessing the metal. On application though, something instantly intriguing is revealed. Now I get leather. I get earth. I get wood. The metal isn’t obvious; now it’s playing a mineral counterpoint to the other equal parts. I can’t quite separate these notes, despite my assertion that they’re all present. It’s like brushing against each of them at once when I sniff it, painting a unique picture but from the same palette. It’s flat out exquisite blending. There’s an overarching familiarity here too, a kaleidoscope of wispy memories I can’t pinpoint to any one place or time. It’s an oddly pleasant experience though, not disorienting. Nothing is sharp or aggressive (I’m eternally grateful for this with the leather!). I get the sense that everything in this “room” is aged, worn, smoothed from repeated use, and necessarily of the highest quality for endurance and longevity. It’s a most peculiar atmospheric, evoking feelings and story assumptions without giving much context or direction, and I like it. This is a personal adventure waiting for you. I could also see it being a daily wear because it doesn’t smell like perfume. It smells like a whole feeling. A persona in a bottle. I place it in the same category as Bois. It makes me feel powerful, decisive, confident, alluring… and it gently calls to my gender bending side. I dig it. The dry down becomes slightly more recognizable leather and whispery smooth wood. It’s still super soft, and warmth has been added, melding seamlessly with my skin. I’m charmed. Another surprising triumph! I keep going back to my sample and huffing it. It just brings me joy. I can’t think of a better accolade. All I’m struggling with now is what form it would best be experienced in! Total oddball and I can’t help but love it anyway.

  2. When I put this on, I feel instantly blindfolded and transported into a dark and sterile room. I have no sense that somebody lives or sleeps in this room. It smells of nothing but punishment and sex. I’m timid and scared waiting torturous moments for what is going to happen next but also becoming aroused the more I allow my imagination to wander into the kink I didn’t know I had. My first inclination is the smell of leather and vinyl. All I can think about is being suspended and bound and teased by an unknown shadowy figure. There is a hint of metal in the room and I can only imagine that if I don’t play nice my soft bounds will turn to chains.

    But then I open my eyes allowing the fantasy to disappear and I am back in my own room crawling into bed beside my unsuspecting partner as I embrace them from behind they catch a whiff of my fragrance and I see they’re head suddenly fall back gently with their eyes closed as I imagine they’re beginning the mental journey I just completed. I hold them in a tighter embrace to let them know that I already know what they’re thinking and feeling…and when their eyes come back to mine we are both ready for the most passionate love making session we’ve ever had.

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