Civil War Cologne

Brand: LBCC Historical Apothecary

Scent Description: As many know Eau De Cologne started in the 18th century. It was said to be Napoleons favorite. Now with that said all recipes go through various reformulations as time passes. I just assumed everyone knew this, but incase you didn’t…now you do. For example this specific original recipe book had 2 to choose from A English style and a French Style. The style depends largely on the alcohol called for in the recipe as well as all the herbs and oils… but mostly the type of alcohol. I liked this recipe because not only was it a great date- The original document gave a little history on the famous scent as well.

So even though this isn’t dated for the Civil War- Eau de Cologne has been one of the top fragrances ever since it made it’s debut. It remained very popular even in the US and updated variations on the original ( from the 18th century) can still be purchased today.

The 1857 writings claim it was originally introduced as a cure-all, but now ( 1857) it’s not considered a pharmaceutical “elixir of life” but instead among perfumery. It talks about how as a perfume this ranks very high amongst the public taste because it was known as a “refreshing” scent. This recipe goes on to talk about the difference between perfumes and colognes and how to distinguish if they are French or English. This is the English based recipe. If you like this- maybe we can try the French recipe at a later date. 🙂

This is made from organic ingredients, without chemical additions. This would also make a great gift or even to set out on your vanity as the historical label is sure to please.

Gentleman used this as aftershave and cologne, but ladies could also use it too.

Many people described it as a Fruity, Orange-ie, with a hint of Neroli and very refreshing with a clean scent

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