Brand: Lilac and Moss

Scent Description: Motor oil, dirt, and firewood are layered with fresh pine needles, plus a dash of root beer for a vintage sweet note.

1 thought on “Bulldagger”

  1. from my past IMAM review; Smokey, sooty, dusty…candles? On, this reminds me of Arcana’s Holy Terror, but softer. For me, it’s reminiscent, though not identical to, the sacristy in a catholic church on an important occasion like Christmas eve; dimly lit, musty with the smell of well-worn vestments and aged, heavy, embroidered velvet tapestries, with wax candles and poinsettias scattered around. More specifically, this smells like first opening the storage box that holds all our holiday décor – dusty spice scented candles, ornaments with traces of pine smell from last year’s tree, and table linens and fake flowers that have taken on the mélange of smells from everything stored in the box over the course of the years.

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