Brand: Lilac and Moss

Scent Description: Like burying your face in a lilac bush at the height of their season; lilac and rose are layered on top of moss and dirt.

3 thoughts on “Mossflower”

  1. from my past IMAM review; Out of the vial I get fire-y leather?, on me, it turns creamy sweet with a really low slight floral lean, and hints of bitter almond. It ended up a fairly ‘clear’ scent, with a soft, white (almost fluffy) roundness to it, which ended up being too powdery for my nose.

  2. Copying in my indiemakeupandmore Scent of The Day from a while ago, and adding to it….

    “I just put on Lilac & Moss’ Mossflower, although it has only had a single day to rest out of the post. My first impression is that it reminds me strongly of Gorilla Perfumes’ Death & Decay (a sort of potent, clean, classic floral which is almost soapy). It’s a bit lighter than D&D, and it has something a tiny bit sweet and maybe musky lingering underneath. It’s lilac, but perhaps lilac of the soapier variety. It’s still really lovely – a true floral, maybe a bit heavy for people who don’t like in-your-face FLORALS, but enjoyable for me personally.”

    Having worn it since, I think it has more of a white floral feel than lilac or rose, and the underpinning earthiness reminds me a little of Sixteen92’s Hellebore (I find that one softer, though). Less green than a nondescript earthy feel which grounds the floral notes. A pretty, clean, classic floral scent.

    Notes: Fresh lilac and rose lay on top of moss and dirt. Floral but earthy, reminiscent of true lilac bushes in full bloom during a visit to Cape Cod.

  3. This was the first floral perfume I ever liked. The lilac is just so realistic and the moss and dirt tone down the sweetness of the floral. I have gifted this perfume to two people in the past and will probably continue using it as a gift in the future. It is a good gateway perfume between mainstream and indie.

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